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We give functionality for liquidity in

Balance Sheet Lenders

The platform to refinance your loan books to a broad base of institutional customers and traders

P2P Platforms

Providing the technology for P2P platforms to add liquidity and product for their customers

B2B Asset Trading

Asset creation can be managed allowing professional investors a venue for fractionalising assets from SME loans to hard assets

Professional Investors

FIX Messaging allows legacy trading and banking systems to connect with ASMX.

Platforms Create More Business

Liquidity gives platforms more opportunity to create primary market underwriter programs and allows lenders to manage risk better

Creating Liquidity

Liquidity is the oxygen of any market. We bring liquidity to markets where none, or very little, has existed previously.

Blockchain Ledger

ASMX operates over a bespoke blockchain developed specifically with the financial industry in mind.

Platform Support

Our team provides support for platforms in order to manage your integration with ASMX and ongoing relationship

Have a platform you would like to connect?

We are integrating a number of platforms and we are keen to speak with more quality platforms and businesses to join our ecosystem.

Full API Integration

ASMX integrates with your platform via API to display your loan information, loan communications and to report and manage settlement

Loan Settlement

Settlement is acheived on our blockchain making an immutable record of transactions verified via consensus of the ASMX ecosystem

Admin Console

If your platform does not include a loan exchange we have a full admin console where you can control your interaction with ASMX

Platform Support

Our professional support team are on call to support your integration and the smooth running of your loan exchange

FIX Messaging

FIX messaging protocol built into the system for legacy trading system access directly to the assets on ASMX

Customer Privacy

Your platform authorises the user, we create your user as a hash to be able to trade. We do not have the underlying client details

Treasury Reporting

Full output of treasury functions, such as cash movements, loan movements, FX and asset ownership, all reported in your admin console

Full FX Function

Built in Foreign Exchange conversion settled immediately, allowing inter-platform* trading and support for multi-currency

*Inter-platform trading available later in 2021

We use tech to provide liquidity

We are recruiting talented people to help with this mission

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