Our Ablrate Integration – Notifications

Our new website is here as we move towards our launch in the coming weeks. We are integrating at the moment with Ablrate and we are coming upon and solving challenges as we go.

Right now we have a functioning trade system, the blockchain side of things is working perfectly the first challenge was always going to be mirroring the massive functionality of Ablrate so that the ASMX secondary technology works just as well and surpasses that of Ablrate’s secondary market.

One of the challenges is “How do we notify lenders of updates to the loan?” On a platform it’s fairly simple, you have an Admin Notes section and away you go, but if you are lending on another platform how do you access it? Also, how do you communicate notifications without knowing the email address of the person who holds the rights to the loan (as ASMX won’t know this for privacy, security and integrity of platforms’ customer base)?

We chose to bring in those notifications and display them within the loan system. This way all past notifications are imported upon the listing on loan and future notifications are pushed from the platform to the notifications section on that loan.

As a platform integrated with ASMX you will have a notifications panel where you can input these or we can API in your notifications.

We will update as we progress

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