About Us

“Our mission is to create liquidity in a market that previously hasn't had it in any cohesive manner.. until now.”

David Bradley-Ward - CEO

The ASMX functionality is for companies and individual debt investors that are in the business of lending money who are also concerned about liquidity. 

Our product is a plug-and-play software solution that provides a sophisticated loan exchange to any integrated platform that would be enhanced by liquidity. Platforms such as P2P lending platforms, balance sheet lenders, direct debt investors etc.

The secret, however, is that it is much more. FIX messaging allows legacy trading systems to access the platform. 

Market makers will be welcomed and access for algorithmic trading will be embraced. We aim to smash peoples’ expectations of liquidity in the space, and create a whole new access to a multi-billion pound market so far untapped and the underlying technology of blockchain will future proof the market and anyone who is integrated.