ASMX on its way to conquer Asia

The ASMX team arrives in Asia where they will be attending two major events: the Singapore Investor Showcase, hosted by Wholesale Investor; and the Singapore Fintech Festival, known as the world’s largest platform for the global FinTech community.

Spending ten days in Singapore, ASMX aims to raise the awareness of the project and reach out to potential investors and partners.

David Bradley-Ward, CEO of ASMX, said: “Asia has incredible business opportunities. We’ve already raised the awareness of ASMX in Europe and are very much looking forward to meeting new people in this part of the world. Our project creates a global market for lending communities, and it makes sense that Asia should be a part of it.”

Wayne Sharpe, who recently joined the ASMX team as an advisor, commented: “I think ASMX will become an essential resource for lending platforms throughout the world. If you run a lending community, why would you not want to be able to access the kind of liquidity that ASMX could create on a global basis?”

Asia has huge potential for expanding its P2P lending, and could definitely benefit from ASMX technology, enabling natives to lend and borrow worldwide. As an example, in January 2016 in China, there were 3,383 platforms in business with combined monthly transactions reaching 130 billion RMB, according to Home of Online Lending.1

The Singapore Investor Showcase will take place at the NTUC Auditorium on November 7. It will be an opportunity for ASMX to present its ambitious project to potential investors.

The Singapore Fintech Festival will take place at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre, from November 12 to 16. For ASMX this event will be more focused on potential partnerships and alliances.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to meet David and the ASMX team in Singapore.


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