ASMX Platform

The video below is the latest release of the platform filmed at the end of 2019. We have a number of updates that have been added and we are working on; Notifications, Treasury Reporting and the Admninistration Console.

This is where the information on a loan is drawn through from the integrated platform. We take in the basic details of the loan and link back to due diligence. You will also see ‘Company Trading Report’ on the green button. This  willl actually be replaced by credit data from Creditsafe. This will give potential buyers a snapshot of the credit data available on each loan.

Charts the volume i.e how much has traded (the blue bar)  and the opening price and closing price as a candle. Red indicates a lower price traded at the end of the day than at the beginning.

The trade ticket allows the input of the trade. We have various order types; ‘Market’ essentially means ‘fill my order at whatever price is available’. ‘Fill and Wait’ this is one of the orders we created, basically on the offer side it means ‘sell as much of my order as is available in the bids section and list the remainder as an offer’. The buy side is the same ‘buy as much as can be filled throughoffers at my requested prie and list the remainder as a bid’. ‘Good until Cancelled’ means list the offer/bid until it is filled or the lender cancels it. ‘Fill or Kill’ means fill my order at the price I want or cancel it immediately.

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