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Creating liquidity in any market is vital but we have got used to ‘illiquid assets’ being non-tradable and priced accordingly. What we do know, however, is that if there is an asset someone, somewhere will buy it and trade it. That is the nature of our financial system.

Whether it is property, any other physical asset or paper assets like loans there will be people buying and selling those assets. What ASMX does is make this process easier and available for a wider audience online and we do it for a cost that allows £1 to be traded as efficient as £1,000,000. This opens up the potentila for massive liquidity in the marketplace.

Our job is to bring your platform or community the liquidity to make your primary markets more successful and your users better risk management

Initailly we will be working with P2P lending platforms. We will then be rolling out the ability for balance sheet lenders to refinance loans on ASMX. 

At the same time we will be working with professional liquidity providers and investors to access the system to invest in those loans.