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You may be a direct lending fund, recovery fund, special situations entity or are looking at private debt as a new asset class. ASMX will allow you access to a high yeilding market of loans originated by vetted, regulated entities and the ability to trade those loans with counterparties within the community.

ASMX utlises the Financial Information eXchange (FIX)  protocol, so professional investors can create trading strategies across our market. This opens up the opportunity to algo-trade in assets such as SME loans, property backed loans, receivables, unsecured SME loans and balance sheet lenders’ portfolios.

Trading can be targetted by platform, sector, size or price. Basically whatever information is available from loan originators to our platform can be used elements to your trading strategy. 

Your relationship is directly with your chosen platform, we provide the technology to trade across the network. We aim to launch cross-platform trading in mid 2021.