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Retail Debt Investors

If you are an investor on a P2P lending platform you will know that being able to manage your risk is vitally important. Having a loan exchange gives you the opportunity to re-balance your portfolio in times of actual, or perceived risk or just when you need to account for a change in circumstances.

Many platforms offer loan exchange solutions, what ASMX is seeking to do is supply the technology to those platforms to give you much better functionality for buying and selling the debt you have invested in.

ASMX does not have a direct relationship with retail lenders. To benefit from the ASMX technology you will need to be a lender on an ASMX member platform. If ASMX is not available on your favorite platform, give them a nudge to get in touch with us!

Professional Debt Investors

We have a limited number of membership levels for primary access to the system. Once these are taken secondary access will be through those license holders.

Liquidity Providers Membership

Using FIX to create auto-trading liquidity will attract a reduced trading fee depending on volume. 

Underwriter Membership

Platforms who provide uderwriting programs that rely on larger lenders underwriting primary loans for a shared ‘spread’ on loans rely on ASMX to provide the liquidity. ASMX will alllow access to a limited number of underwriter investors who commit a minimum level of funding.

No. We take care of the security for your private keys. As a lender on any integrated platform you will deposit and withdraw as normal without any need for further security.

No. We use the underying technology to make settlement of loans more efficient, in speed and cost, than traditional settlement systems.

We have an API that we will open up to certain memberships. We are also looking at creating a simple add-on in the Metatrader market for creating a basic trading strategy.

Get in touch! We are speaking with various organisations presently and aim to be announcing new platforms, memberships and partners as we move forward.