Latest update on progress!!

Best viewed in full screen and at 1080 (you can click on te settings bottom right of the video)

22/11/19 – So we now have the latest interface including the new ‘trade ticket’, this video showcases that. One of the things that is not on the video is the automated price restriction.  Loans, unlike equity for example, are self-liquidating meaning they are paid back at term, or in the case of asset backed transactions are paid, partially or fully,  upon liquidation of assets if there is a default. This means that there is a finite amount of yield / interest to be received. The automated price restriction calculates what the remaining yield is and restricts the trading price so there can’t be an inbuilt loss. I.e if there is only 4% of yield left then the loan could not be offered for sale above that. We will be building in a minimum yield value, i.e a minimum return on a particular purchase of a loan.

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