ASMX Integration

We are actively speaking with online lending platforms, p2p platforms, balance sheet lenders and institutional lenders to discuss their integration into the ASMX ecosystem. We will be keeping those who have shown an interest up to date on the progress of the company towards launch and announcing those platforms that are looking to integrate with ASMX.

ASMX Integrated Companies (AIC) have a duty to maintain the integrity of the ASMX ecosystem. The role they play in maintaining the quality of the market and expanding the market is crucial to the success of the ecosystem.

Once integrated AIC are able to list loans, introduce balance sheet lenders and access the global liquidity from other AIC. ASMX are working with institutions that will allow your platform, or lending business to create liquidity with your own market.

What are the classification of AIC?

ASMX offers 3 kinds of AIC:

Authorised AICP: Online lending Platforms (those platforms who act as an electronic platform to bring lenders and borrowers together). Authorised AICP have full access to list loans and access the ecosystem.

Non-Authorised AICP: Online lending Platforms (those platforms who act as an electronic platform to bring lenders and borrowers together). Those platforms who operate in jurisdictions where there is no official regulatory coverage maybe considered for inclusion if they can demonstrate that their platform operates along regulated principals. Non-Authorised AICP have limited access to list loans and access the ecosystem.

AICL: AIC Lenders are blance sheet lenders who are seeking to create liquidity from their current loan book.

AICI: AIC Liquidity providers are institutions, brokers funds and other liquidity providers who trade in, invest in or otherwise make a market in loans and debt instruments.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate relevant and satisfactory experience to undertake activities in relation to the listing loans and employ suitably qualified staff or have access to such staff through satisfactory third party arrangements;

Who can be an AIC?

ASMX welcomes applicants from throughout the world at this stage, however, we are unable to evaluate applicants from the USA at this time.

All prospective AIC should be:

a body corporate or a partnership; and

either be licensed or authorised by a recognised Competent Authority or Regulatory Authority of equivalent standing preceding the application;

and able to demonstrate relevant experience for both senior executives and staff

Where the above requirements are not met ASMX may, at its sole discretion, admit as an AIC an applicant which satisfies ASMX that it is competent to discharge the responsibilities of an AIC; has appropriate financial resources for the role that they are to perform; is fit and proper; where applicable, has adequate organisational arrangements; and undertakes to ASMX to accept and discharge those responsibilities at all times to the satisfaction of ASMX.

Next Steps

If you a considering becoming an AIC, please complete your name and email opposite and we will be in touch. You can also contact ASMX directly at to discuss your individual requirements.

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