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We are busy recruiting our team in anticipation of our wider launch, vital to that team is our support services team. 

Whether you are a platform,  a balance sheet lender, or other product provider on the ASMX platform, you will have access to our team of support staff. From technical integration to day to day queries on your use of the ASMX platform we will be available to support your loan exchange and its smooth operation.

Liquidity Support

While we provide the best in class technology for secondary markets, we also aim to support platforms in their primary markets through the ASMX PCC Fund.

The fund is a regulated Expert Investor Fund specifically created to provide liquidity to the private debt space. For sophisticated and high net worth investors who want a professionally managed exposure to the primary loans and the liquidity that ASMX brings this fund fits the bill. It has been seeded and will begin accepting outside investors in Q3 2021. If your platform is connected to ASMX, an you reach certain qualifications for investment, we can offer you access to this fund for underwriting your primary loans. ASMX may also be able to provide your own bespoke solution where the funds you raise from your network would be used on your platform, giving your platform its own fund solution.